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The dissolution of your marriage usually becomes an emotional and stressful event, especially if there are children involved or property and the parties cannot agree.  Using and assertive advocate as your attorney can ease your stress and emotion. .  The Divorce Lawyers at our firm will look out for your and your families best legal interest, so that you can concentrate on yourself, the well-being of your family and re-building.

Our skilled divorce attorneys are experienced in protecting our clients’ rights in all aspects of the divorce process, including:

  • Child custody and visitation rights – see our Family Law page
  • Child support – see our Family Law page
  • Distribution and division of personal property, bank accounts, stocks and other assets
  • Division of marital debts
  • Sale or possession of the marital home
  • Spousal support, spousal maintenance and temporary support
  • Paternity matter or intervention of a party in a divorce – also see our Family Law page
  • Temporary orders
  • Domestic Violence issues and Protective Orders

Our Effective Divorce Lawyers as Mediators and the Possibility of Filing an Appeal in Your Divorce Matter

Mediation can give you and your spouse an opportunity to negotiate your differences in a structured forum, and it can lead to some of your issues being settled in your divorce, before you get to trial. In Arizona the court requires a settlement conference before the parties go to trial and the court will have a Judge present to effectuate the process. If you would like to go to mediation before the Settlement conference, our attorneys can file a motion to mediate or get an agreement from the other counsel to have mediation.  If there is a private mediation, our attorneys will attend with you. If it is through the FCCC, our attorneys will help prepare you for mediation. If it is the settlement conference, our attorneys will attend the conference with you.  The mediation process works to foster cooperation between the parties and it can lessen the stress and hostility that is usually associated with litigation. Mediation is often a time-and-cost-effective choice compared to taking a case through to trial and having a Judge decide, as it helps put the decision-making process in your hands rather than the Judges, but mediation does not work for everyone and agreements or settlement does not always happen.

Our experienced divorce litigators and negotiators will work with you to obtain evidence that will be presented to the other side before trial and to the Judge in the trial before the court, and to the other side in mediation so that you can obtain the best possible settlement.  We will also work to ensure that that evidence is presented to the Judge in trial, so that you end up with the most favorable outcome legally possible in your divorce matter.  Our Divorce Lawyers will also work to ensure that if any divorce settlement is made, or agreement is made, that it is made by you and has your approval, and we will work to ensure that you agree with any orders being entered with the court, including decisions regarding property division, child support and child custody arrangements made by the Judge. Should you disagree with the Judge’s orders, or the orders being entered by the other side, we will file and object, and, if we believe the decision was against the evidence presented, our experience appellate attorneys can be retained to draft and file an appeal with the appellate court on the disputed evidence and orders entered.

Alimony – now termed spousal maintenance or spousal support

The filing of a Divorce suit should not lead one of the parties of the marriage into a financial crises.  If your spouse is the breadwinner or controls the financial estate of your marriage, our divorce attorneys will work with you to file for spousal maintenance or spousal support, based on the marital income and assets, and so that you can continue to live as you did during the marriage or at least pay the outstanding bills of the marriage.

Keep in mind that spousal maintenance or spousal support is no longer meant to be permanent, unless the parties agree, and therefore the court will issue orders of spousal maintenance for a specific period of time, and this timeframe and the amount, unless agreed, will be determined by the court upon proper evidence being presented to the court.

Assertive Divorce litigators

Whether you both agree, and or if going to court becomes necessary, having a strong negotiator and litigator at your side is vital necessity in order to protect your and your family’s rights and your property. Our Arizona divorce attorneys will zealously review your file and will prepare for trial, if necessary, and we will fight for your rights at every stage of an adversarial litigation process.  Our advocate and assertive approach can alleviate some of the client’s uncertainty and stress in the arduous litigation process, and having an advocate on your side can help you obtain a more favorable trial outcome. Knowing the file, preparing for trial, using strategic trial tactics and commanding courtroom presence, has allowed our skilled divorce attorneys to have an excellent track-record and to successfully represent our clients throughout the litigation process, even if it becomes adversarial.

Domestic Violence Lawyers and Orders of Protection

If you and or your children have been the victims of Domestic Violence or need an Order of Protection against a Family Member for the harm they are causing or caused, our skilled family law and divorce attorneys will assist you in obtaining the necessary orders in court, so that your rights and your person will be protected, and if necessary, our domestic violence attorneys will assist you in filing for and obtaining an Order of Protection in court, against the family member causing the alleged harm.

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