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Whether you’re planning the parameters of your future medical care or establishing support for your loved ones upon your death, our firm will be there to help you through all aspects of your estate plan, including the drafting and assistance in:

  • Advance Directives (living wills)
  • Trusts
  • Choosing the appropriate Administrator
  • Guardianships
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Probate litigation
  • Will disputes

Estate planning documents can be extremely complex, and the wide range of documents that can be prepared are flexible. Therefore, to meet your needs and desires as to what will happen to your estate upon your passing, you will need a skilled estate planning attorney who can look at your estate as a whole and offer you the advice that you need as to which documents will work best for you and your loved ones upon your passing.  Estate Planning documents can be designed and drafted to fit your and your family’s or loved one’s unique needs.  At our firm we work l=closely with you to tackle your goals and desires and to draft these precise instruments so that upon your passing your administrator can execute your intentions.

Securing your legacy

You’ve spent your whole life building your estate and taking care of your family, so knowing that you have secured their long-term welfare and financial security, can put you at ease.  Our attorneys will thoroughly analyze your estate and strategize the best means in transferring your assets to your loved ones, minimizing estate planning issues, establishing possible guardianship selections for your children, caring for your pets, supporting personal philanthropic causes and donations, and in protecting the welfare of your loved ones.

Drafting your Advance Directives and Your Last Will and Testament

A Will is essential at every stage of your life unless you have transferred everything you own into a proper Trust.

A different estate planning document that we strongly advise you have is an Advance Directive to Physicians (otherwise known as a living will) as this document sets forth the parameters for medical intervention should you become incapacitated. This assures that when you are most vulnerable, your wishes as to your health will be honored. In the living Will you select a person who will make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated or you can also designate that nothing be done to assist you.  These are serious choices and decisions that must be made and discussed with our attorneys.  When we meet with you we will ask you these questions and we will, of course, draft your desires, whatever they may be.

Your last Will and Testament, provides the opportunity to distribute your property, establish care for your children and otherwise express your wishes upon your death, including what you want done with your remains.  A Will is necessary legal instrument if you intend to leave property to a person or entity other than a direct blood relative (children and spouse, if any, then mother and father, if alive, then sisters and brothers, etc.), such as a non-married domestic partner, a friend, a charity and ex-spouse, etc.  If you pass away without a Will, the court will determines how your property is distributed (this is called an INTESTATE Probate litigation matter) and the court will decide who cares for your children and even what happens to your pet(s) and other property – therefore, making decisions that might not reflect your desires.  Our skilled attorneys recommend that you retain our firm and have a valid Will drafted and executed, so that you ensure your intentions and desires are honored.

Changing your Will or Revoking your Will or Trust

As your life changes, so must your estate plan. You must update your Will and Trust periodically throughout your life.  Our qualified Will and Trust Attorneys can draft valid codicils that address changes in your financial situation, marital status, number of children, pet help, philanthropic interests and general lifestyle decisions.

We can also assist you in revoking legal instruments such as Wills Trusts and Powers of Attorney.

Appointment of Guardians to Your Children, as to Your Will (and the Family code) and Guardians of Your Pets

If you have minor children, your Will can designate who should make decisions about their future care. Naming a Guardian in your Will is especially important if you are a single parent, and especially if you a a custodial parent, and even married couples must consider the remote possibility of perishing in a common incident and naming a Guardian.  If you do not name a Guardian, the court will appoint a Guardian to take care of your children, and that choice may be in conflict with your parenting goals.  If you name a Guardian, the court will consider your desires and the factors of the choice.

Keep in mind, however, that if you are the custodial parent and you name your mother as your children’s Guardian, and your ex-husband, the children’s biological father, is still alive, the children’s father’s rights may supercede the rights of your mother being appointed as the children’s Guardian, should he chose to dispute your designation. if you want to ensure that your Guardian is properly chosen to take care of your children and that the court appoints that person, make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced Will attorneys who will properly draft your desires into your Will and who can be there for you, if there are any problem in the future.

As to Pets, we now draft specialized pet Trusts and we can also draft provisions into your Will to make special make arrangements for your pets’ care, even naming a Guardian to assume ownership and care of your pets.

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